Three weeks of games

Last three weeks of board games:

  • Kingdom Builder. 14 games, or so. I love this one. Turns out my game group doesn’t, but fortunately this works in other contexts, looks like a staple game for Monday night circus school games and I’m sure this is also welcome at Jyväskylä (five games during one weekend says so). The Nomads expansion looks like a must-buy (especially because of the red pieces, clever move delaying such a crucial player colour to the expansion). Lovely game. Suggest.
  • Tobago. Bought for Jyväskylä and we played four games in a row. Not bad, considering the three last games took about 30 minutes each. Very nice middle-weight game, light, fun and clever. I can see why this didn’t win Spiel des Jahres, it’s a bit too fiddly for that, but if you’re clever and already experienced with quality board games, Tobago will probably make a pretty good family game. Suggest.
  • Fresko. This time with correct rules. Much better that way, but still not that impressive. I was expecting a bit more, to be honest. Indifferent, definitely not a keeper.
  • Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde. No reason to play this when there’s MR: Jack the Ripper. Indifferent (but not Avoid).
  • Set. Might have hooked someone to this addiction. That’s fine; world needs more Set players. This was with the iPad version, which is rather nice. Enthusiastic.
  • Oregon. Twelve more recorded games since the last update, and more I haven’t recorded (I record Yucata games played on one sitting, but not those that drag on several days). Still fun, this is a very, very lovely game. Enthusiastic.
  • Brass. Quite the attraction. In a very unusual turn of events, we’ve now played Brass twice in two weeks. That’s pretty good for a game that takes two and half hours (about an hour for the canal phase, promising a two-hour game, then an hour and a half for the rail phase). I’ve lost both, for some reason I really, really suck in this game. Then again, both games have been fairly close affairs, except for one run-away leader. Interesting. Suggest, possibly enthusiastic if I figure out how to play this game successfully.

My 1000 rating project has reached the 800 rating milestone. Hooray for me.


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  • Iain Cheyne

    I’m going to have to try Oregon. Luckily, Simpike has a copy, now that I have joined his group.

    Ironically, Shannon Appelcline’s strategy article about Brass put me off the game. It made me realise that it’s more shallow than it looks.

  • Mikko

    Looks like the strategy article was lost when Boardgame News quit. Too bad, would like to read it – I probably need it. I don’t necessarily disagree about the shallowness.

  • Iain Cheyne

    What a shame. It was a great piece of work. It’s strange the data wasn’t saved. Do you know what happened?

  • Mikko

    I’m not sure. All I’ve been able to find is links in Appelcline’s Brass review, and those links point to Boardgame News and redirect to BoardGameGeek – but the article is not on BGG, or at least I haven’t found it (nor is it on Boardgameinfo, where Shannon Appelcline posted reviews).

  • Iain Cheyne

    I emailed Shannon and he reposted the article. Very nice of him.

  • Mikko