Summer of abstract gaming

If I had to define the theme of this summer, it’s been abstract gaming. I was looking for something to do with my e-mail as I was constantly connected at work. Well, I found PBEM games. I’ve played many games now on Richard’s PBeM Server. The interface is quite nice and the games have been … Continue reading Summer of abstract gaming

Die Macher — finally

I don’t remember when I first got interested about Die Macher. It’s appreciated a lot in some circles, at least. For example, its ID number in the Boardgamegeek database is 1, it was the first game ever to be entered there. Don’t know if that’s a token of appreciation, I’d like to think it is. … Continue reading Die Macher — finally

A new beginning

Hi! I’ve always (well, at least since I saw a TV documentary about Justin Hall) wanted to have an online diary or something. I even started one, but buried the project almost immediately. Now, I’ve started again, thanks to lots of media attention to blogs. I wanna try too! So, I installed Movable Type and … Continue reading A new beginning